Earth Bag Dome



Welcome to the Buena Vista project in Mexico.

We feel that it’s time to change our building technique and move on to a more Eco-friendly structure. Earth bag domes make this possible and are accessible for everyone! These structures are inexpensive, long-lasting, fire-, earthquake- and hurricane resistant and even bulletproof.

Together we’ll build a dome with a second floor. You’ll be working actively with the earth; placing the bags and creating the dome yourself. Our main goal is to teach you all the steps to build a dome so you’ll feel confident in the end to build your own.

Learning a new way of building takes time. Therefore, we offer a 3 week-workshop, to give you the full experience of building with superadobe. The learning process will be full of information, intense practice and will make you confident of this technique.

We want to create a fun, family friendly project, where travelers and locals come together to learn, enjoy and meet like-minded people from around the globe. In this mindset we include free camping space and lunch on every day of the course. We donate 10% of the money to ‘For A Purpose’. More information can be found on this website.

earth bag dOme Workshop

PRICE FOR THE WORKSHOP including course, camping and daily lunch (18 course days)

950 USD or 19500 Pesos


For more information about payment or any questions,

Contact  us:

Whatsapp: +32487649584 // +33769738613


22/02/2022 – 15/03/2022

6 course days – 2 rest days –
6 course days – 2 rest days –
6 course days

    = 18 course days

Buena Vista, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Only 25km north of Bacalar, near the blue laguna

Steps of the workshop:

  • Understanding of the earth; soil testing, what is the right ratio of sand and clay
  • Lay out the foundations; how do I prepare my land? Where do I put my first bag?
  • First floor construction; lining out the doors and windows
  • Practice of bagging; together we’ll make your first bag and let the design come to life. You’ll learn how to fill and place the bags, compress the earth, and follow the compass to create the geometrical shape.
  • Lining out the secondary floor; where do I place my support beams?
  • Earthen stairs design; access to the secondary level from outside the dome
  • Basics of natural plaster; how do I protect my building from the surrounding climate?


We offer a free camping space on walking distance from the project site and to the Blue Laguna. We recommend bringing your own tent and sleeping equipment (mattress, blanket, pillow). If you don’t have a tent, you can rent one from us. Price 50 USD / workshop

The camping space offers an open kitchen, showers, and toilets.

Buena Vista offers a few hotels to spend the night, starting at 20 USD.

Bacalar is at a 20-minute drive by car, offering multiple cheaper options (hotels, guesthouses, hostels…) Local transportation in between Bacalar and Buena Vista costs you 30 pesos, driving from dawn till dusk.

For more information about lodging, please feel free to contact us:

 Whatsapp: +32487649584 // +33769738613


We will provide vegetarian lunch on every course day. We do not provide breakfast and dinner. However, we always offer free access to a kitchen.

Buena Vista is a small village and doesn’t offer restaurants but has local food stalls and small grocery shops. Bacalar has a wide range of Mexican, American, European, and Asian restaurants.

On the resting days you are responsible for your own food.

** Drinking water will always be available **


The course will be given in English. If there are parts you didn’t understand well, this is not a problem. We have Spanish, French and Dutch translators on the spot.


  • Don’t forget sun protection and mosquito repellant
  • Wear strong shoes (you will be stepping on barbwire)
  • The phone reception in the village isn’t optimal
  • Don’t forget your smile 😉


Workshop including course, camping and daily lunch (18 course days)

950 USD or 19500 Pesos

For more information about payment or for any other questions:

Whatsapp: +32487649584 // +33769738613

Note: For A Purpose is not using its own funds for this project. We are collaborating with a third party that covers the necessary costs for this project. We are simply sharing our knowledge of earth bag technology and are receiving a direct donation to our organization so we can continue our work in the future.