jhulneta village, rukum district, nepal

The building of a music, art, library, sports & learning center


Rukum project 2017 – 2018

A music, art, library, sports & learning center in Jhulneta – Rukum district

Adam Chałupski – Project Architect responsible for providing all detail blueprints, 3D model, manual for assembling roof structure, material and technology options. He acted as remote Project Adviser and Coordinator.

After the successful finish of the Burkey project we went back to Belgium. To work, catch-up with friends and family and to raise new funds for a new project. Oh, and to rest a bit as  well.

In September 2017 we were ready for our second expedition to Nepal. We left with 4 people, others would join us soon. After a visit to our previous project in Burkey and some minor restorations there, our goal was to scout for a good location for our next project. We go where we are most needed.

We explored the Ramechap, Okhaldungha & Solukhumbu districts. We walked 2 weeks through these mountains looking for schools in need. We visited 15 schools of which 5 of them were good options to rebuild. Then we went to the west. This area is much less developed than the rest of Nepal due to a civil war that took place 10 years ago. As the result of this ware there is a economical and social backlog which is specially a problem for the youth.

Through several NGO’s there is the possibility of building a music, art, library, sports & learning center. With this we can give the local people a creative way of expressing themselves. After intensive investigation of the area and speaking with the locals and the present NGO’s we decided to build our next project in Rukum, in the Jhulneta village. The project started on December 1st 2017.

On the center point of 3 districts, we create a library, conference & workshop room and a music & art space. Together with the community we will make a sports field and playground from recycled materials. On May 15 2018 we finalize the project and hand over the building to the local NGO’s.

The goal of this project is to create a place where young and old can get together for recreational activities and to gain information and experience on agriculture, animal welfare, woman empowerment and economical growth.

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