Shree Purna primary school, Burke village, Rasnalu vdc, Ramechhap

The rebuilding of a school, including toilets, furniture and decoration


Burkey project – 2016

Our first project after the earthquake

Adam Chałupski – Project Architect, developed a sustainable building system combining a gabion wall – superadobe round wall – hexagonal with a double pitch steel roof framework. He has created a complete set of blueprints and 3D models. He was responsible for the on-site project-coordination and the training of all participants to become independent builders.

  • with 85 volunteers
  • from 26 different countries
  • of 4 different continents
  • and minimum 50 days of rain
  • at least 10 times that our tents flooded
  • several nightly visits of leopards, dogs, cats and mice who came to steel our sugar, dhal, eggs and biscuits…
  • with 7 chickens, 1 dog, snakes, frogs and a village of ants in the camp
  • attending 3 weddings
  • 1 full fun monsoon season
  • eating at least 200 times dhal bhat
  • more than 3.000 kg of cows-shit
  • 3 big soil and sand mission days
  • having the tractor being stuck for 3 hours on a day when we rented the tractor for only 3 hours..
  • finishing the entire project with only one severe accident with 5 stitches..


After all that, finally: in 100 days, 14 weeks, 3 full moons, 10.000 working hours, 1 barbecue, 200 kg of rice, 1500 packets of biscuits, 3 birthdays and many, many big FUN campfire nights: WE did it!

We built a school!

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 Thanks to Fiona Young, one of Burke Project volunteers, for this really nice video!


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