for a purpose: How we work

Earthbag architecture

We build. From scratch. With the tools we have available or with our bare hands if we must. And we believe that many hands make light work and that dogged does it. Therefore we try to get as many volunteers interested in our projects as we can.

We spread the word via social media and flyers which we display in places where back-packers frequent. People come and go. Sometimes we are a small group, sometimes almost a crowd. There is always work for everybody. In the evenings we relax, we eat and we share our stories. And we sleep early, that’s for sure. And that’s how we finish entire buildings!

We go beyond: we make sure the building is in good use before we leave. We set up training-programs for and with the locals. We initiate children’s play-programs and sports-activities. We creating a learning platform for young and old to educate and empower.


Different location, same technique, great result

We go where help is most needed, where we can make a real difference.



for a purpose: Burkey project

a school and its interior

  • With 85 volunteers
  • From 26 different countries
  • In exactly 100 days 
  • We finished a school building
  • And outside toilet building

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for a purpose: Rukum project

a community center  and sports field

  • In the West of Nepal, which is far less developed
  • We started our second project
  • To build a community center: a place for music, arts, learning and playing
  • With a library
  • And a sports field

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