What we do

We build sustainable, earthquake-proof buildings in less developed areas.

Our dedication

For A Purpose is an independent organization supporting Nepal after the earthquake of 2015. We search for remote locations that are less developed and difficult to access and where help comes slowly or not at all. Here we develop sustainable building projects in a specially developed earth-quake resistant technique, the so called ‘earth bag architecture’. With this technique we build schools, community centers, care centers and much more. We work in close cooperation with local people and we are connected with trustable NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations).

Our aim

We go where help is most needed. The bigger the challenge, the more we are motivated to help. Our future aim is to help children with mental and physical disabilities.


We build. From scratch. With the tools we have available or with our bare hands if we must. And we believe that many hands make light work and that dogged does it. Therefore we try to get as many volunteers interested in our projects as we can. Join us. You can make the difference! 


We don’t just quit a project: we follow-up and continue to support where needed. Buildings can be expanded or renewed, programs intensified. When we see that a project is well managed by the locals, we are happy to invest further and expand the use. Together we are strong!

Educate & Support

We go beyond: we make sure the building is in good use before we leave. We set up training-programs for and with the locals. We initiate children’s play-programs and sports-activities. We create a learning platform for young and old to educate and empower. There is always more!