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Every euro we get is used for the project

Every euro we get is used for the project. Materials, transport, etc.. We are a complete transparent NGO: after each project we publish our financial statement. Click here to see Burkey Financial Report.
It is also important to know that every team member pays for his own living, food, transport etc. Nobody gets a payment or any reimbursement of personal costs made.

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Your input matters!

You are and adventurer with a good heart and some time to spare? 
You are an energetic team-player? 
You are Mr. Fix-it, or maybe you’re the best cook in town?
Do you want to make yourself useful, learn new skills and at the same time have a blast with a bunch of great guys and girls from all over the world?
Do you want to work out-doors surrounded by beautiful mountains? 
Experience traditional Nepali culture untouched by tourism? 
How about some fun nights hanging out around the camp fire and playing music?

All that you will experience when you join our project.

Your input matters!

At this moment we are in West Nepal, in the Rukum district. We live in a self-build camp where we cook, eat and sleep. We charge 300rp/day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea as much as you want. We have a big sleeping dorm tent. You can always bring your own tent if you want.

Send us a message for more information and our exact location.  Your are most welcome for any shorter or longer period.


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Come and experience

  • The building process of earth-bag structures
  • Living with like-minded volunteers and locals
  • The chance to make a positive impact
  • Integration and promotion of individual ideas
    with traditional Nepali building

The work includes

  • Foundation preparation
  • Plastering
  • Earth-bag assembly
  • Frame & structural support
  • Earth-moving and masonry
  • Job rotation to provide a total experience
    and understanding of the project