ChaLuPski Project

After an extensive search through Nepal we selected a suitable place for our new project: an existing boarding school for deaf kids in Tulsipur, Dang district.

This organization has been around for 20 years, but is struggling to make ends meet. They have a house in which 60 deaf children live. A house where we would live with a family of 5 according to Belgian standards. In some rooms it rains inside, the bunk beds stand corner to corner against each other. In the rooms the children sleep on the floor and during the day they have to put aside their sleeping gear to use the space for other purposes. Their sanitary consists of 2 toilets for everyone. The kitchen is a semi-open outdoor complex, where they also eat. There is no space to play.

The organization managed to educate the children in normal schools by giving the teachers a sign language training. This organization supports all deaf people from all surrounding districts.

They help young people who have already graduated with finding a house, work and by giving them support in daily life.

The new project consists of building a complex with 6 dormitories, a sanitary block, the construction of a road,  the installation of electricity and the construction of a small playground.

We dedicate this new project to our architect and close friend Adam Chalupski. He died during his trip to China by the end of 2019.

For this new project we need many funds and helping hands.

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